Black Salt

Black Salt

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Black Salt also known as Witches’ Salt


Not for Eating - this black salt is used to drive away evil and negative energy

Banish negativity by walking the boundaries of your property counter clockwise while sprinkling black salt. You can do this in combination with another cleansing method, like smudging.

A thin line across the threshold of each door or window is said to ward off evil. If it’s a particular enemy you want to stay out, sprinkle some your doorway while naming the person(s) to keep out and the reasons.

Use black salt in jars or mojo bags to repel negativity, curses, and hexes.

A hidden packet of black salt in a workplace or other shared space is supposed to help absorb anger, grouchiness, gossip, etc. (Tape it under a desk or drawer. Replace periodically with fresh salt.)

Black salt can represent the element of Earth in new moon, shadow magic, or Dark Goddess rites.

When making a charm for a positive outcome like wealth or fame, throw in a pinch of black salt against jealousy that may arise from you obtaining your desire.

This is just some ways to use it. 💜